Top 10 Halloween Candies


1. Milky Ways


Milkywars or originally known as Mars Bars are chocolate bars filled with creamy 

caramel on the inside. There delicious flavor and texture put them at #1 on my list.


2. KitKats


KitKats are a very unique type of candy. They’re skinny chocolate bars that you can split apart to get a unique crispy taste.


3. Candy Corn


Candy corn is a Halloween classic. It’s been around for over one hundred years and trick-or-treaters everyone still scourge for this tasty treat.  


4. Reese’s Cups


Reese’s cups are fairly new to the candy world, but they have quickly become one of the most popular snacks of today. A cup of chocolate filled with a peanut butter inside makes for a great mix of flavors.


5. Starbursts


Starbursts are sweet, fruit flavored, sugar filled square candies. They come in large packs so they’re great to share with friends.


6. Twizzlers

Twizzlers are a unique twist to the classic licorice. They have a strong strawberry flavor with a pattern of swirls along its sides.


7. Yorks


Yorks, also known as York Peppermint Patties are another spin off a classic treat just like Twizzilers. Essentially Yorks’s took the original idea of a peppermint patty and covered it in a chocolate layer.


8. M&Ms


M&Ms have made the cut for several reasons. They have a tasty chocolate filling and most importantly they can be shared with several friends with a single bag.



9. 3Musketeers


3 Musketeers is another Halloween classic. With a nougat center wrapped in a creamy chocolate layer it’s hard to find a flaw.


10. Almond Joys


Finally, at number 10 we have Almond Joys. Almond Joys just barely made this list because they incorporate the taste of both chocolate and almonds flawlessly together making for a flavorsome delicacy.