A whole new game

Last weekend, the NBA season wrapped up an exciting Final’s matchup game. The Sunday game was the Miami Heat versus the Los Angeles Lakers, with the Lakers leading the series two to three in games. The Lakers won the game, along with a league title, beating the Heat one hundred and six to ninety-three. The star of the game was Lebron James putting up an astounding forty-one points, fourteen rebounds, and ten assists. His performances in this game and in previous playoff games are what led him to win this year’s Most Valuable Player award.


This season’s NBA playoffs will be one to remember, due to the three-month bubble that every player and staff were confined in for another three months for protection from the spread of the coronavirus. The NBA bubble was located in Orlando, Florida, on the Walt Disney World campus, with games being played just down the road at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The bubble games began on July 22, with teams playing a total of three scrimmage games, then moving on to play eight seeding games to decide their playoffs ranking. After those games concluded, the sixteen teams left in the bubble duked it out in the elimination series until only two remained. 


The NBA continuation through the global pandemic was truly a show of innovation and determination for the league’s executives, coaches, and players. It is also important to note that this month’s long bubble would not have been possible without the work of the chefs, housekeepers, physical trainers, and more who dedicated themselves to making sure the players were kept in good health and high spirits.