Athletes Opinions On Practicing During the Pandemic

Micheal Wagner

Micheal Wagner

Sean Fina, Reporter

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, many fall sports have still been practicing under certain guidelines and regulations. Here are some participating athletes’ opinions on how the practices are going. 


Luke Fina

Michael Wagner, a member of the Orcutt Academy Football Team, explains his view. “…it’s a lot of conditioning and no contact, but it might be good for some players considering our last football practice was November of last year.” He also mentions that the coaching staff has doubled and how he has not been able to meet everyone on the team due to the grouping because of the Covid-19 requations. 


Another OA athlete and a member of the Cross Country team, Luke Fina, has his own perspective on the new practices. “It’s good to be back with the team.” He explains that he has been running on his own for the past months and it has been, “… refreshing to run with someone other than myself.”


While many of these practices have not been able to fully replicate the feel of a “normal” practice, many athletes are still happy to at least be meeting as a team.