Sports are soon to be back in season

With coronavirus cases decreasing in Santa Barbara County, school sports are getting ready to kick off! In the past two weeks, Santa Barbara County’s cases have leveled out at around thirty new recorded cases per day, meaning that the reopening process will be resumed for our area.


The first procedure that has been taken already for the start of sports is the beginning of practices. With guidelines, cross country, cheerleading, and football have been cleared to start practice. Some of the protocoles for these practices include wearing masks whenever possible, avoiding car pooling, and every athlete must bring their own personal water bottle.These rules have also been implemented in counties with our same COVID case rate. Although these procedures might seem strict, back in earlier months sports were considered almost out of the picture with California topping ten thousand cases a day. 


Dylan Felix, an athlete at Orcutt Academy states, “I think the practices are good that we’re back meeting with the team and I’m looking forward to the coming season.” These practices come as a motivational boost for many athletes who haven’t been able to see their teammates for months. Even though this year has been rough, things look to be turning in the right direction, at least in the world of sports.