Staying Safe for Halloween

What’s up, Spartans! As we all know the holiday season is right around the corner. With Halloween soon to be in a few weeks, right now is a perfect time to bring up the dangers  COVID-19 could bring to eager trick-or-treaters. 

    According to the Los Angeles Times, many officials fear that Halloween could become a “super spreader horror show,” especially in large, concentrated cities already suffering with a great deal of cases. The top of the watchlist being all of the L.A County. The reasoning behind all of this worry comes a spike that was seen at the end of summer. When everyone left their house for Memorial Day, it set off a chain of super spreader events. Just like what we might see this 31st.

    So what steps can we take to avoid a large-scale disaster? Well first, as harsh as it sounds, trick-or-treating should be a no go on everyone’s plans this year. The long standing tradition of going house to house to get treats is possibly one of the worst activities you can do while our country is in its current state of lockdown. The close interactions between strangers allow easy airways for the Coronavirus to spread. Another activity you should want to avoid is any type of partying with large groups of people. This is easily the quickest way for the disease to infect large groups of people. 

Luckily there are some alternatives. Experts say you are free to participate in activities such as pumpkin carving, online costume parties, and simply watching some spooky movies at home with your family.