Moving Up

Santa Barbara county has recently proclaimed that we will be moving into the red tier. Being in the red tier allows more businesses to open, such as restaurants, movie theaters, fitness centers and gyms, museums and zoos, and places of worship. This also allows schools to reopen for in-person lessons without going through a waiver process. There will be limitations extant, a main one being the limited number of occupants. Will you be going back to school?

    To advance into the red tier our coronavirus testing is required to have a 5% to 8% positivity rate, with between four to seven new cases per 100,000 residents. In order to be allowed back in school our county will have to remain in the red tier for two weeks. There are around 13 schools in Santa Barbara county that have applied for waiver to start their in-person class journey. When schools do open, the limitations will include wearing a mask, symptom screening, possibly desk shields, and cohorts or staggered schedules. Covid-19 testing will be determined based on state, tribal, territorial, and local health officials. 

If you have been patiently waiting through this calamitous disease to go to your favorite hair salon or personal care services (nail salons, body waxing, ext.), to get that special treatment you truly deserve, then kismet is in your favor. Entering the red tier has allowed hair salons and personal care services to open up backup with indoor modifications. Fitness centers and gyms have also opened back with a 10% capacity for those of you who love exercise or want to burn off those quarantine calories.

For those of you who have longed to go out with friends or family restaurants, movie theaters, museums, zoos, and aquariums are opening back up as well. In restaurants the changes include having a 25% capacity or 100 people. For museums, zoos, and aquariums they can open indoors with a 25% capacity. Last but not least, movie theaters which have the same modifications as restaurants with a 25% capacity or 100 people. Will things ever become “normal” again?