This Boy’s Life Book Review

Sean Fina, Reporter

This Boy’s Life is a memoir written by Tobias Wolff telling a raw and sometimes harsh story of growing up in the 1950s. The story takes place in many different areas, west of the U.S, as Toby’s mother tries to find her “American dream” life. While Toby and his mother are constantly moving from one place to another, the reader is given an inside look on Toby’s internal and external struggles and how he handles them. Many of these struggles are due to Toby’s turbulent relationships with multiple of his family members.  


While this book does a great job of sharing honest stories from Toby’s childhood, it sometimes lacks a storyline and feels incomplete. This is most likely because the book is based mainly on the author’s memory, but the story could have been made easier to follow. 


Ultimately, I would recommend this book to those who are looking for an honest and unfiltered story with many emotions. I would also recommend this book to any teenagers who might want to see a new perspective of growing up in this different time period.