Back to school reinvented

Since school started on August 14, students have been attending zoom classes twice a week for an hour and a half per class. Most of the students’ homework is posted on google classroom. Teachers have, also, been using other programs like Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, and more. With these new ways of learning, students have been forced to adapt to the pros and cons of distance   schooling.


Orcutt Academy isn’t the only school that has started online this year. Many schools around the central coast area and beyond have come to this decision due to California’s struggle with controlling the coronavirus. According to governor Gavin Newsom, “Public education is absolutely about our kids, but we cannot deny the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of adultes that are responsible for taking care of and educating our kids as well.” 


Although it may seem like returning is out of sight, California counties that stay off the monitoring list for fourteen days can begin in person learning, if social distancing rules and masks mandates are upheld. Santa Barbara county is currently on a decline for new cases of the virus, and is nearing a turn off the state watch list.


For a student’s take on online learning, Matthew Fina, a sophomore, gave his opinion on adapting to distanced learning. . “I’m handling it fine, but it’s a lot of school work which I was not expecting. My advice to other students is to do your homework ahead of time, and to check in on your grades often. This year might be different from the rest, but the best thing you can do is stay focused on the tasks at hand, and keep your eyes on the future.”