Living the ‘new normal’


Jenelle Zubiate, Reporter

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on everyone around the world, some more than others. Alex Cuellar Brown is a student at Righetti High School and she had some things to say about this pandemic and the way it affected her personally. 


When the virus first came about, Cuellar’s first thought was, “There’s no way this is happening in my lifetime!” She figured quarantine would last longer than anyone expected and that being forced to stay inside would have a negative impact on younger generations. She was also angry at those not taking the virus seriously and disregarding the health of others in public. As of now, her thoughts on the issue have not changed, however, she believes quarantine will end fairly soon. “The fact that this went on longer than expected really shows a lot about our society,” Cuellar expresses. 


Alongside the rest of the world, Cuellar has lost touch with her newly developed social life. She no longer cares to make an effort at socializing and doesn’t enjoy being out of her house. However, quarentine has served as a mental health break and has allowed her to take more time for herself. On the flip side, she has also found it mentally draining in different ways- such as always being surrounded by family 24/7. 


In the downtime, Cuellar has taken up new hobbies including walking her dogs and other forms of exercise. As far as schooling, Righetti High School (RHS) has made it a priority to avoid overwhelming students with too much work, which she appreciates. In the future, RHS has suggested splitting the classes up so students may not attend school everyday. Cuellar thinks this approach is odd and she prefers the old way, but “at least they’re doing something about it.” 


Despite the challenges facing Cuellar and others alike in this trying time, she remains hopeful for the future and is excited for communities to become healthy again.