The new life of a hospital employee

Isis Perez, Reporter

Many workers during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic have been given the time to take off work and stay home with family. However, work has drastically sprouted for hospital workers and other professionals at the front line. Not just has the schedule of these people have changed, but so have their lives. 

In the situation of registration employee at Marian Medical hospital, Sharon Suarez, the coronavirus has impacted not only her life, but her home and family members as well.


“The virus has affected my children a lot since we have been separated since mid March when I sent them to Bakersfield in fear that I can be contaminated since I work with patients, but I know soon we’ll be able to be together again and we will continue to FaceTime daily until that day,” explained Suarez.


Although there are many risks that come with the job, Sharon loves it and is okay with the pay because those are the risks that come along with it. Continuing with this field of work is important to her even after this virus passes. Yes, there have been many rules and guidelines to follow for frontline workers to abide by, but it is all to try to protect the workers and they understand that. Loads more of stress has been noticed throughout the workspace by workers yet getting through it unitedly is the main goal.


Spare time is not much of an opportunity for the people in the hospital considering the amounts of cases of the virus along with all the other emergencies medical professionals have to deal with. When asked what other hobbies her days consist of, Suarez replied with, “Absolutely nothing. I am working 115+ hours every two weeks so there is no time to do anything other than sleep every opportunity I get.”


Staying positive and putting faith in God is what helps this frontline worker deal with these times and get through this pandemic. It may take a while to get back to normal, but we’ll get there one day and for now, all we can do is hope for the end of this soon.