Taylor Martinez: A senior story

Gavin Naylor, Reporter

Many have been affected by this global pandemic, but those a part of Class of 2020 have had to learn to accept what has been stolen from them. 


Taylor Martinez is a senior at Orcutt Academy who has been recently affected by the effects the Coronavirus has left on the nation. Martinez was on the Girls Varsity soccer team, as well as being board officers for California Scholarship Federation and National Honors Society. Martinez was involved in ASB and took multiple AP classes this year. When asked about how quarantine has affected her, she responded with much emotion, since her senior year was cut short. “It has been a mental struggle, for sure, however, I’m trying to take the best from this situation and looking forward to the little things during this time.”

Martinez has been keeping up with school work, exploring her artistic abilities, and writing numerous letters to those that have impacted her for the better. “Doing these activities has made quarantine feel a bit more normal and keeping my mind off what I could be doing if senior year was going as normal and staying optimistic.” 

Taylor Martinez is attending UC Davis as a Biological Sciences on the Pre-Med route, and this pandemic has made her realize the importance of what she will be going through during this next chapter of her life. “Even though I’m not able to live out what I’ve been wanting to for the past 13 years, Coronavirus has definitely increased my passion to pursue medicine. Though I know the next four years will be difficult, I’m able to use how I feel during this situation as a means of motivation”, says Martinez.