How COVID-19 is affecting Dr. Matthew Lane’s dentistry


Vanessa Lopez, Reporter

COVID-19 is severely affecting health care workers like nurses and doctors you typically see at hospitals or clinics, but who some may forget about are dentists. Dr. Matthew Lane is the dentist of Pacific Smile Design off of McCoy, and his practice has been struggling due to COVID-19.

Dr. Lane treats oral infections and oral hygiene to improve customers’ smiles, however they have had to shut their doors to all non emergent patients. For the patients he can see, him and his staff must follow CDC and Cal OSHA guidelines and he has had to purchase more personal protective equipment for him and his workers. Due to COVID-19, Dr. Lane only has 4 workers currently, and those 4 workers are him and his family members. However, on June 6th he plans to rehire his other dental hygienists. Dr. Lane spoke about how being short staffed has affected his family, “my family is having help out around the office doing stuff like filing charts, cleaning rooms, and working the front desk.”

Statistically, there have been dramatic decreases in Dr. Lane’s production and collection. Production, which is the amount he charges, and collection, which is the amount used to calculate the profit margins, have both been down by 75%. His family income has dropped 75% as well.

On the bright side, Dr. Lane is hopeful that within 30 days, approximately June 26th, things will be completely back to normal and he will be able to rehire all of his staff. With free time from not having a lot of patients, Dr. Lane has kept busy with golfing and binging Netflix. Overall, Dr. Lane “appreciates being able to remain open during such a challenging time.”