From Cook to Daycare Worker


Melanie Ibarra, Reporter

This pandemic came as a surprise to everyone. Rodolfo Lozano, however, was prepared for it. Rodolfo, originally working 16 hour shifts at the Chumash Casino, was given the opportunity to work with his co-worker at a daycare center, after every casino was shut down. 


Working at a daycare center was a drastic change from working at a casino, and since he is working with kids, the safety measures were increased. With kids, it’s difficult to refrain them from interacting too closely with one another. It’s also difficult having to reject a parent who wants to bring a child that might be sick. 

If a job change wasn’t enough, Rodolfo also lost all of the trips he had planned to see his mother who lives in Mexico. Rodolfo states, “I regret not seeing my mom earlier, but I would hate to expose her to this virus just so I could see her… FaceTime has been my best friend right now.”


Technology has been a major part of Rodolfos life since most of his family members don’t live in the U.S.. He stays in contact with his other co-workers through his phone, and makes sure to call both of his kids who are quarantined at a friends home due to their college closing. 

Rodolfo states, “I’m not going to lie, the casino paid enough for me to pay off everything that needed to be paid. With the daycare, it’s less pay, but I am doing alright at the moment.” 


Although this pandemic has altered his usual way of work, he still prefers working from home because he wouldn’t feel comfortable being in public and risking getting infected. Since Rodolfo is over 50 years and has his own medical limits (arthritis), he’s worried about being part of the vulnerable group. 

This pandemic has caused a lot of worry. Rodolfo states, “After all of this is over, I am honestly going to be stressed everytime I go out because one never knows who could be infected.”