Inside America’s Youth: How a Pandemic can affect today’s teens

Kris Gilbertson

Right now is a crazy time for everyone. With school out and nowhere to go, kids have to find ways to spend their time. Like so many others, Troy Fulton figured he would do something productive with this unexpected free time.

If anything, Troy has benefited from this quarantine. Starting to work more hours at the Village Market in Lompoc, Troy has been able to save money for college and stuff he has been wanting. Besides money, Troy has heard more than a few stories from guards at Lompoc Prison. “The guards come shop at the store after their shift. It sounds like things have been really difficult during the quarantine at the prison.” 

Obviously, since Troy is in high school, he still does normal teenager things. Sleeping until noon whenever possible is a common sight in Troy’s household. Something random Troy mentioned was how much milk his family had been drinking. “My family drinks a lot of milk. We probably go through five to seven gallons a week.” A random fact but at least they know what to stock up on next time they are in quarantine.

The Covid-19 crisis has created opportunities for Troy to see new places. With flight prices at all time low, he was able to fly to northern Idaho and enjoy a place left untouched by man. He was able to experience what airlines were doing during this outbreak as well as what FAA guidelines were put in place to protect the passengers and the crew.

Hearing stories from people on the front lines and seeing how companies have overcome the current issues, Troy has been able to see what people are going through during these trying times, and tell it to me. No matter how people spend their quarantine, do it safely. And go to the village market and get some of the “Best guacamole ever” from Troy.