How a pandemic affects a college athlete–Max Daniels

Josiah DeBruno, Reporter

Whether you are fighting on the front lines as a nurse, struggling with unemployment, or simply a grocery store clerk, everybody has a different story of how they’re getting through the pandemic. The Spartan Oracle decided to get a look inside the life of a college athlete during a global epidemic. This student is former Spartan, Max Daniels. 


Max is a track and field student athlete at Chico state where he is majoring in construction management. Due to the virus he has had to finish most of his spring semester online for the rest of his freshman year and is now being told that the fall semester of his junior year will also be conducted online. Daniels says “It has sucked coming back to live at home because I really enjoyed life away from home in the dorms.” Thankfully his family has been  unaffected by the virus financially because his dad works in construction management which hasn’t skipped a beat during the last few months. 


Since track and field is a spring sport, it was just getting into the heart of the season as the quarantine and cancellations hit which crushed the dreams of many college athletes. “You work so hard for months in advance just to find out the season’s cancelled and it gives you just a horrible feeling.” Daniels says. It also hurts Daniels to see the people who don’t have another chance at it, the seniors who had nationals marked on their calendars will now graduate with their journey incomplete. For Max, this season won’t count so he still has four years of eligibility for college athletics but it is hard to stretch out his classes so much for him to graduate as a fifth year senior.  


Recently Max has not let the pandemic faze his training as he is still putting in just as much work with a gym in his garage and certain tracks still open. Daniels is a perfect example of finding a way to continue productivity in this current state of constant abnormality.