Color guard ‘dancing with flags’


Here at Orcutt Academy, some may not know we have our very own color guard team. Color guard is a group of members who dance and perform flag spinning. They are commonly seen at parades but there is more to it than that.

As of now there are currently six members on the team and they are always looking for more people interested in joining. A member of the color guard team, Valerie Jimenez says “In a nutshell, we dance with flags.” Recently, our color guard team attended a workshop at Cal Poly where multiple schools came together and they were taught new styles of dancing and flag techniques and “they taught us how to toss which is the most important thing” according to Jimenez. 

The color guard team performs in parades and is associated with the band. They also perform for money prizes. Color guard is in some way underrated because not many people have heard of it, and not many students know we have a team here at Orcutt Academy. 

To learn more about color guard or if you are interested in joining, you can speak with Valerie Jimenez. The coach for the color guard team is also our band teacher, Ms. Coburn. If you have any questions feel free to ask either one of them for more details!