Poetry Out Loud participants head to county competition

Poetry Out Loud participants head to county competition

Vanessa Lopez



    Four of our very own Spartans are headed to the Poetry Out Loud county competition and here’s what you need to know!

 Students at Orcutt Academy take Poetry Out Loud seriously, and many strive to make it to the county competition. Grace Lamica, Jenelle Zubiate, Miranda Mejia, and Hayden Umphenour continued from the school competition at Orcutt Academy to the county competition, held on February 12th. Grace Lamica spoke about how she believes it’s a great opportunity to improve your public speaking which will be useful in the future.

Some advice Lamica gives to others interested in Poetry Out Loud recitations is to be confident and “for anyone who wants to experiment with drama or public speaking…it’s a great opportunity.” This is Lamica’s first year agreeing to continue to the county competition and she believes she has done everything she can to prepare. She continued to say that once you memorize your poem the only thing you can do is practice your poem in front of people, gather their feedback, and most importantly, “having fun with it” as Lamica states.

Although Lamica did not win, she was still grateful for the opportunity. Orcutt Academy’s Jenelle Zubiate took first place and Miranda Mejia took second place. With these helpful tips, Orcutt Academy students have a great chance of success in their Poetry Out Loud recitations next year.