Everything you need to know about boys golf


Photo by Mr. McManus of Robbie Birch.

As basketball and soccer wrap up and sport seasons change, the OA golf team has begun it’s season with optimism. Hopes to place well in league drives Coach McManus and his team to work hard as the season approaches.


Coming back to the course, James McManus continues to be the head coach of both boys and girls  golf teams but he is also joined by Orcutt’s very own Government/Economics teacher, Gregory Verch. The team has their coach back but a lot of their players are first year players and there are only a few returners. One of those returners is Senior Micah Rauscher who always carries the responsibility of being captain. He has experience in captaining a squad because he was also captain of the boys soccer team. 


The team consists of 10 varsity players and for each golf match there are 6 starters and then 4 four alternates in case one of the starters can’t make it to one of the matches. There’s no real Junior Varsity team but there are players that go to practice and are extra alternates if needed. One really unique thing about the golf team is the team-wide respect for Coach McManus. I spoke to first year player Kris Gilbertson and he said “Everyone really likes him because he’s just someone you have to like because of how nice he is.” Junior Troy Fulton emphasized, “Coach is so experienced with both golf and coaching that he’s helpful to have.” 


Another thing that a lot of players on the team like about golf is how inclusive the team is because Mr. McManus lets players play other sports at the same time. A couple team-members also play tennis and in past years people have played swim and golf. Players also say Coach McManus is really fair about how he starts certain players so everyone on the team has a chance to play. Their first league match was February 21st against St. Joes so if you see one of the coaches or players ask them how it went!