Twas a rockin’ robotics rally


Vivian Meyer, Reporter

On Friday, Orcutt Academy (OA) brought the bops, the robots, and the school band together in an epic performance for the robotics rally. Sure, some things may not have gone as planned, but overall, everyone was ready and willing to do their best!

OA’s highly respected robotics team spent over 156 hours preparing the robot over a six week period. Before the rally, the robot was working perfectly, picking up and shooting the ball into the goal from 25 feet away. Everything else was ready, too.

This year, the chosen theme was Star Wars! During the rally, some technical issues occurred with a video explanation of the robot’s objectives during the game. The team quickly overcame this obstacle when their captain jumped in and talked the audience through the procedure. 

Following this, the school band showcased their talent with an intricate song from Star Wars, compiled of the main theme and Duel of the Fates. Everything went smoothly and according to plan. Once the band finished, the robotics team had a Star Wars themed Kahoot that entertained the students.

When it was time for the robot to be revealed, Arcadia came zooming out to perform it’s programmed objective. Unfortunately, Arcadia malfunctioned and was unable to shoot the balls into the goal. One robotics member later exclaimed, “It was the conveyor, I swear!” 

Even though Arcadia didn’t work during the rally, the team is very confident that everything will work at the competition. Good work and good luck, robotics!