High school, a time of wasted potential

High school, a time of wasted potential

Zachariah Krause, Reporter

A majority of people believe high school is a universal experience of never ending doom, yet I believe it’s the exact opposite. It’s the ending to your childhood and I think we all should enjoy it a little more.

It might sound cliche and sentimental, but high school is a time for experience and growth. It’s our last time to be kids, a time without many obligations. In the next couple of years we all have to grow up, and when that time comes, we will regret not using our childhood years to their fullest potential. 

High School is a time to mess up and brush it off. After this, we have to start worrying about the important aspects of adult life like debt, where to live, and so on. For many of us right now, we only have to worry about the simple things such as what we should wear to school tomorrow, who’s giving us weird looks, or if our crush likes us back. For athletes, high school is most likely the last time they’ll play with a team in uniforms. For people in drama, this might be their last time to hear a standing ovation. For the regular kids, this is probably going to be their last time eating lunch with their friends at a lunch table or in a classroom, laughing at nothing. 

So don’t take high school for granted. Don’t take your childhood for granted. Go to the school dances and sports events. Cheer at the rallys. Go to the beach with your friends on senior ditch day. And for the love of all that is good, go and ask out the girl or boy you’ve had crush on since freshman year because, like it or not, time is running out and high school does not last forever. Enjoy it.