Dr. Deborah Blow scheduled to retire


Sonia Wasserman

Superintendent Doctor Blow with her wall of art

[There have been edits made to depict accuracy]

The superintendent of the Orcutt school district announced she plans to vacate her office. Who was Dr. Blow you might ask? Dr. Blow was superintendent of the Orcutt Union School District since 2013, when she took the job changing districts from the Cambrian District in San Jose to Orcutt. 


On Wednesday February 12, Orcutt Academy’s ASB board attended a district meeting in regard to Dr. Blow’s retirement after seven years of serving as the district head. The meeting detailed the process to hire her replacement and allocated time to discuss the major decision with ASB. The board explained that their first prerogative is to hire a committee to vet possible applicants and talk to stakeholders invested in the outcome of the hiring. The district stakeholders are students, parents of students, teachers, and student leadership like ASB. 


During their time with the district board, ASB executives were able to discuss their main concerns about the new hire. First was improvements including better funding for on curriculum out of classroom activities like field trips. Next the two boards conferred about what the next superintendent should be, including their qualities, personality traits, etc. And lastly, but most importantly, what the board’s new initiative should be.


The previous super, Dr. Blow, put priority on modernizing technology in classrooms, and succeeded in more ways than one. Changes throughout the schools within the district can be seen with large carts of ChromeBooks, iPads, and MacBooks. 


Currently, the district board is working on putting out a job listing for the position. The application will be open to all qualified people in upper level teaching management in California. However, the ultimate decision on which candidate is hired is reserved for the executive board of the Orcutt Union school district.