Better weight room helps students reach their full potential



The Orcutt Academy weight room is too small for classes and extracurricular activities to reach their full potential and reach the expectations of students and other faculty at the school.

The weight room is used throughout the day everyday for classes such as weight-training and P.E. Each of these classes contain around 45-50 kids who need to use equipment and enough space to do their daily activities. Due to the limited amount of equipment, often lessons and activities the teachers plan for each class can not be completed. This is unfair to the teachers because they should be able to complete their activities without worrying if they have enough time, space, or utilities to do so. This is also unfair to the students because they deserve to get the best experience during their P.E.course and might also be the only time students are physically active.

Extracurricular activities such as football, track and field, basketball, and soccer all use the weight room in order to stay fit and injury free during the season of their sport.There are fewer students in the weight room at a time, but athletic trainer Ms. Davis also uses the room for rehabilitation and therapy for the athletes. With Davis’s office taking a quarter of the room and her rehabilitation equipment, such as the table she uses for therapy occupying, the other quarter leaves only half of the room for the student athletes to workout. There is a section outside but there is no cover which results in equipment deteriorating faster and the athletes being put in uncomfortable positions. With a larger weight room, more opportunities will appear and there will be more convenience for staff such as Ms. Davis who undergoes these struggles on a daily basis.

“I would be able to use more recovery and preventative care techniques if I had more space like an ice machine inside,” says Ms. Davis, the Athletic Trainer at Orcutt Academy. Davis uses weights provided from the school to help with rehabilitation but she would like to have more equipment specifically for physical therapy purposes and more treatment tables but that is not possible to do because there needs to be enough room to hold 45-50 kids a day for a P.E. class in a room that can barely hold 30.

Senior Athlete Bryce Cofield has been using the weight room for the past 4 years through football and has consistently sees problems on a daily basis. Cofield is aware of the small weight room but believes space management can affect the room in a positive way. “I’ve seen smaller gyms with the same amount of equipment but it feels much bigger and I have more room to work out.”

The first step that should be taken to improve the weight room at Orcutt Academy would be to find or utilize more space for more equipment for students to use such as weights or squat racks and more space rehabilitation equipment for Ms. Davis. This could be done by purchasing a sturdy cover for the space we have outside to keep equipment outside protected or even a portable building which could be placed in the back of our current weight room or in the open field close by. This is more efficient because the space being covered can be transported to a new location or taken down entirely if necessary. This should be taken into consideration as soon as possible so adjustments can be made immediately. Sports programs at the school could participate in fundraising for a new building or cover. As for students and athletes affected by the small sized weightroom, we could write complaints to the school district regarding the problem and how it restrains our opportunities in athletics on a daily basis. Also, speaking to Athletic Director Mr. Chad Mackenze and getting his opinion in our favor can give this change more meaning.