Jammin’ out with the Spartans




Jenelle Zubiate and Vivian Meyer

With music being accessible at the click of a button, the never-ending flow of new and old tunes has become an integral part of the individual’s routine. Songs can become deeply personal, with strongly felt connections to the artists themselves. With this in mind, we asked the OA student body about their favorite artists.

  Junior, Bella Santoyo answered “Chainsmokers, because I really like the song called ‘I want something just like this’”

 Sophomore, Miles Edwards mentioned “I like The Gorillas right now because they have a lot of variations in what genres they do.”

 Junior, Jamie Allen said, “The Beatles, because they have a lot of variety and their songs are sentimental to me.”

 Freshman, Kiomi Windbiel responded, “BTS because they have really good music and they’re inspiring people.”
 Junior, Lacey Barnes answered,  “Twenty-One Pilots because I can listen to them in any mood I’m in.”

 Sophomore, Jackson Carroll explained, “Right now, Neutral Milk Hotel is my favorite because I really like their album King Of Carrot Top Mountain.”

Freshman, Cassandra Crowley said “The Beatles, because they have good messages and the songs are timeless.”

 Freshman, Lexi Blaies commented, “The Band Perry, because I like traditional music”

Junior, Kyle Quinlan voiced, “My favorite band is One Direction because I listen to them before I sleep every single night… lol.”

 Senior, Clayton Merrill stated, “The Rascal Flatts, because every time I listen to them I’m in my feels.”


Senior, Malia Balas said, “Oh man there are so many. For rock it’s 10K Rock, for pop it’s BTS.”

Sophomore, Luna Sahagun claimed, “My favorite band is Panic at the Disco.”

Junior, Katelyn Golden also loves Panic at the Disco. “I’ve been listening to him for a long time,” she announced.

Freshman, Logan Kerns and Kirsten Matimatico love One Direction.

Sophomore, Andrew Gage said, “I guess BTS.”

Junior, Isabella Garcia voiced, “Currently, it’s The Who.”

Freshman, Jadyn Cassel raved, “One Direction!”

Freshman, Phoebe Sherlock responded, “Our school band!”

Freshman, Sarah Barnes also said, “This band, our school band.”


Nice taste in music, Spartans!