Disney’s Top Ten villains


Vivian Meyer, Reporter

If nothing else, it seems we can always count on Disney movies to provide the world with their staple plot line;  good vs. evil, hero vs. villain. And while the heros are honorable, some Disney villains deserve more recognition for their complex characters and the extra spice they add to each story. That being said, here are Disney’s Top Ten antagonists.


  1. Lots-o-Huggin Bear- This deceptive bear from Toy Story 3 seems all sunshine and rainbows at first, but then reveals evil intentions when he attempts to killWoody and the toys! Despite his wicked side, Lotso was still quite cute.


  1. Thanos- Sure, he’s in the Marvel universe- but his plans to get rid of half the population of those in the whole universe created a terrific plot in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers End Game. The Avengers struggle to destroy him, but he is eventually defeated in the end.


  1. Emperor Palpatine- He’s been the puppet master of Star Wars all along. Palpatine created Darth Vader and the Sith, and is pretty much to blame for all of the destruction in Star Wars. He is evil to the core.


  1. The Queen of Hearts- In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen may be inarguably bad at croquet- but her power is terrifying. If she tells you to paint the roses red, you better do so, or else off with your head!


  1. Jafar- From Aladdin, Jafar’s wickedness proves a great challenge to all of the heroes, including Aladdin, and he even turns into a powerful genie in the end!


  1. Captain Hook- He’s the corrupt pirate captain from Peter Pan. His pirate crew on Neverland try to stop Peter Pan at all costs, yet humorously meet their demise because of Hook’s one weakness- his fear of crocodiles.


  1. Facilier- His connection to the dead makes him a powerful villain in Princess and the Frog. His friends on the other side create havoc and challenges throughout the whole movie.


  1. Ursula- She’s the evil villain from The Little Mermaid. Her deceiving and wicked plans against Ariel almost succeeded, and she sure looks scary!


  1. Maleficent- From Sleeping Beauty, she’s a classic Disney villain! Her wickedness and spells in the movie are terrific.

1.  The Evil Queen- In Disney’s first princess movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, her jealousy of Snow White’s beauty and evil plans almost succeed in killing Snow White! She is wicked and deceitful, which makes her deserving of this first place spot.