Exotic instruments you’ve never heard of


Vivian Meyer, Reporter

As one of man’s greatest forms of self-expression, music is something that can be deeply personal to the individual. While acoustic guitar and piano ballads are deserving of their praise, there are so many unique instruments that aren’t as commonly known. That being said, here are the Top Ten most exotic instruments in the world that you should know about.


  1.  Zeusaphone- also known as a singing Tesla coil, the zeusaphone is a modified Tesla coil that produces musical tones by modulating its spark output.
  2.  Hurdy-Gurdy- made in the 18th century, the hurdy-gurdy is played by turning a handle that’s attached to a rosined wheel to play the strings. Then the keys are played on the left hand.
  3.  12 Neck Guitar- made in Japan, the 12 neck guitar is basically 12 guitars connected together and is now on display in Tokyo, Japan.
  4.  Didgeridoo- this originally Australian wind instrument is in the form of a long wooden tube, and is blown to produce a deep and resonant sound.
  5.  Double Contrabass Flute- with only 4 in the world, the double contrabass flute is 18 feet of tubing and stands over 8 feet tall. Three octaves lower than a concert flute, this is really the bass foundation of the flute family.
  6.  Sharpsichord- this acoustic 46 stringed harp is played by a pin cylinder. This is made to be able to allow the musician to compose their music on just one instrument.
  7.  Hulusi- also known as a curcibut flute, the hulusi is a wind instrument from China made up of three bamboo pipes. The center pipe has hole to play different notes, while the other two are drone pipes.
  8.  Hydraulophone- this instrument is a tonal acoustic musical instrument played by direct contact with water where sound is generated hydraulically.
  9.  Friction Harp- the friction harp is played by rubbing on the aluminum rods and can be played vertically or horizontally.
  10.  Sopranissimo Saxophone- also known as the spirilla saxophone, this instrument plays notes an octave higher than the soprano saxophone. There is little demand for the sopranissimo, which makes them quite rare to be used.