The amazing Lael Hastings


Victoria Mora, Reporter

Number 38 on the field and number 38 in our hearts. That’s not right. Sophomore Lael Hasting, a member of Orcutt Academy’s JV Girl’s Soccer team, is tearing it up on and off the field.

This year is Lael’s first time playing soccer for the school and she absolutely loved it. She started off the season playing in the position of wing defense. Towards the end she became a stopper and enjoyed it. She is going to stick with that position. A normal practice day for the girls consists of warming up, practicing some plays, and then playing a little a scrimmage. Lael’s favorite part is the friendly little scrimmage. She better be destroying everyone on that field.

Luckily Lael has never had a serious injury that prevented her from playing. She has had a couple bad falls, but never anything too serious.

Lael does not think she will try out for the Varsity team next year. She has only been playing for one season and feels like she needs more experience. “I am definitely going to try out my senior year though.” The JV team is extremely lucky to have such an amazing player on their team, if she’s not on the team next year, some hands will be thrown.