Top 10: The bangin’ 90’s

Lauren Reno, Reporter

It’s no secret, the 90’s are back! The entertainment, fashion, and pop-culture sentiments that defined this crazy decade are here to stay. In the spirit of nostalgia, here are the Top 10 popular trends and changes to come from the 90’s:  :


  1. Sitcoms– The beginning of pop-culture spread like a wildfire after the rise of televised sitcoms. Shows like Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Full House, and Boy Meets World changed the status quo of entertainment and are still well loved today.
  2. Line Dancing-  In the 90’s, a great deal of songs had their own dances! Some of these songs are still played at events and parties, most commonly the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and Macarena.
  3. Easy Grunge– Back then, fashion was becoming a key part of pop-culture. Strange and unexpected pairing was common, with an “anything goes” attitude.  It was acceptable to wear sweatpants, an old t-shirt, a plaid button-up and call it fashion.
  4. Boy Bands- NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 5ive were kings, emperors even, of the 90’s! They were the main influences on  pop music and band culture.
  5. Fanny Packs– A staple item of this decade, fanny packs have come back into everyday wear! They’re easily adjusted, convenient, and stylish. A perfect motto of the 90’s.
  6. Music– From boy-band pop to rock n’ roll, 90’s songs have tons of variety and were actually original! Most of  today’s popular songs sound recycled and generic compared to the authentic 90’s music era.
  7. Film Masterpieces– Original ideas, newly introduced technology, and era of the best directors. Titanic, Matrix, Clueless, and Lion King were some of the cinematic giants still loved today.
  8. Fads and Trends- Casual colors and bold choices lit up the streets with creative styles. Scrunchies, overalls, turtle necks, and JNCO jeans were a great way to show yourself off comfortably.
  9. Early Slang– 2000’s babies are familiar with the modern slang, but early 90’s kids know a whole different variety: “Dope”, “Fresh”, and “Bangin’” were among the most popular.
  10. Start of New Tech– CGI, Kodak, and Microsoft became incredibly popular in the 90’s. This rise paved the way for future companies, brands, and improved technology that we use today.