Spartans take on “Season of Service”



This Spring Semester, Orcutt Academy High School ASB decided to switch up their annual “Season of Service.” The class created a two-week plan full of opportunities to serve the community and the school, and the end results were insanely fulfilling.


The ASB class generated a two week challenge among the classes to get the students of Orcutt Academy more involved in their school and community. The class competition kept record of hours of community service completed by students in each grade level. By the end of the week, an award was given to the class who served the most hours, and the singular student who served the most hours.


ASB president Nathan Calhoun speaks on why they chose to create this two week period of service, “Last year we were involved with Gravity Water, and helped a global charity. But this year, we wanted to get involved with the community, and be more hands on. So, we brainstormed as a class and came up with this idea to allow more involvement from the students.”


The list of services provided to the school and the community included: cleaning the classroom tables of germs and gum, picking up trash around campus, two days of cleaning the garden, painting the fence in front of the teacher’s lounge, a barbeque for Noah Slocum, picking up trash on the Orcutt Trails, making get well cards for children in the hospital, filling up holes on the Orcutt Academy fields, and making crafts with the preschoolers next door to Orcutt Academy High School. 


The event that received the most service from the students at Orcutt Academy, and people throughout the community, was the barbeque for Noah Slocum. Senior at Orcutt Academy, and head organizer of the barbeque Dante Surra stated, “It was really great to see it all come together, and to see the compassion of everyone in the city. Everyone who truly wanted to help helped out, and it was awesome to see and be a part of.” 


Through barbeque tickets sold by students, and donations made, Orcutt Academy was able to raise over $10,000 for Slocum and his family.


At the rally on Friday February 14th, Orcutt Academy crowned freshman Jackson Carrol, as the “Lord of Charity,”knighting him and granting him a shield in front of Orcutt Academy students and staff. As for the class competition, the seniors beat the other classes by a landslide and were deemed the most charitable of all  the classes.


Calhoun touches on what he thinks next year’s Season of Service will look like,“It’s all up to next year’s class. It could look the same or similar to this year, or they could decide to do a global charity like Gravity Water, but we can expect more small events throughout the year, because we loved how these two weeks turned out.”


ASB would like to thank all of the students who participated in any service activity and made the campus and community a better place.