Records are Made to be Broken

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

The girls’ varsity basketball team had an unprecedented season. Going undefeated for the entire year, the girls worked tirelessly in past seasons to get to this point. With some close games, the girls pulled through for the all time best season so far.

Some seniors have been on the team for the entirety of their highschool career and love to see what the team has become. One of the captains, Mariah Lopez, said, “We are the only [team] in the area to go undefeated in any of the local leagues.” Those will be some big shoes to fill in the coming seasons. With senior night, the senior ladies were celebrated for their success over the duration of all four seasons. Captains Mariah Lopez, Vanessa Salazar, and Baylee Pinko had a great last game that provided many more memories for the years to come.

All the captains and Coach Thomas Robb are very proud of how the team turned out and how much effort every girl put in to make it to CIF. Vanessa Salazar thought, “I’ve seen the girls basketball program grow a lot from my freshman year. Right now, I definitely think it will just keep growing.” Several girls have plans to further their basketball careers during college. This season will make for a great eye catcher when spotters come to see them. They will have run for the money in CIF. Be sure to wish the girls good luck in their coming game.