Dream Big Orcutt!


Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

What do you hope to accomplish in the new decade? It’s a big question to process, especially when most of the Spartan here at Orcutt Academy will be moving out, graduating from college, or finding jobs. Here is what some students hope for in the 2020’s. Let us know what your aspirations for the new decade are in the comments.

“My goal is to blow up in social media and then become an actor.” Dante Surra, senior.

“I’m hoping for another four years with Donald Trump” Troy Fulton, junior.

“I would like to go to college and do well. Then, get a job somewhere I can use math.” Lucas Kontorowski, senior.

“Graduate college with a bachelor’s degree, though I’m undecided on what yet.” Jacob Guzaman, senior.

“I’d like to finish college and join my dad’s business.” Justin Guiltinan, freshman.

“I would like to ride on a train for the first time.” Josh Mason, teacher.

“I have no aspirations for this decade. I just want to go with the flow.” Ryan Thomas, senior.

“I hope to own a house in Orcutt but they’re really expensive.” Addison Sage, teacher.

“I hope to stop disappointing my parents.”  Pedro Santos, senior.

“Graduate from a college without a large debt.” Khai Childers, senior.