Spartan Speak: Where I want to go

Victoria Mora, Reporter

“Oh the places you’ll go.” That’s a Dr. Seuss quote. Everyone has a place they want to visit someday. This week we asked spartans what their dream vacation site is:

Melanie Ibarra, sophomore- “I go to paris, get a croissant and eat snails.”

Samantha Kirkwood, sophomore- “Somewhere with snow because it doesn’t snow in Santa Maria and I want to build a snowman.”

Sabrina Dana, sophomore- “A trip around Europe and definitely around italy.” 

Jenelle Zubiate, junior- “Japan and then going to what’s left of australia.”

Miles Edwards, sophomore- “A dark room where nothing’s happening and I’m just laying on the floor.”

Echoe Barretto, freshman- “I would go to alaska and ride a lot of horses in the snow.”

Katelyn Reed, sophomore- “Going to Hawaii because I like swimming.”

Matthew George, sophomore- “Have a ukelele and go to hawaii and be around senoritas.”

Milania Espinoza, freshman- “I want to go to Egypt and learn about their culture.”

Carlie Paskett, sophomore- “Go to India and visit the Taj Mahal, explore, and swim in the clear waters.”