Top 10 ages

What age are you most excited to turn? Some people would say 10, some would say 100, some would say they wish they were never born. But when really is the most perfect year of your lifetime? Here are the Top 10 best ages to be:

10. 29 Years Old: Before you turn 30, people expect you to be fully grown and have your whole life figured out by this point. But, you most likely won’t. And you have no idea what the heck you’re going to do for the next 30 years.

9. 14 Years Old: Puberty, duh. But hey, growth spurts.

8. 19 Years Old: At this point, you’re so close to being in your 20s, and you’re most likely studying in college and living independently. However, being nineTEEN, you are still categorized as a TEENager. Basically, you’re still grouped together with 13-year-olds.

7. 45 Years Old: 45 is just 45. An age where you’re old enough not to feel young anymore, but not old enough to complain about it. Nothing to do but kindly welcome the entrance of your midlife crisis.

6. 15 ½ Years Old: Ah, almost 16. This is when you’re on your way to pretty much having it all. You’re right in the middle of your high school career, which means you’re starting anew and putting all those awkward days behind you, but you also don’t feel the same amount of stress as older kids who are applying to college and deciding on career paths are. You’re old enough to get a job if you want one. And of course, a drivers’ license.

5. 60 Years Old: Retirement is always something to look forward to. Some older adults worry they’ll become lonely or isolated from friends in retirement, but the truth is, moving into a retirement community and playing Bingo or Scrabble with others sounds pretty cool to me. And after 60, everything is cheaper! Discounts at museums, the cinema, and even restaurants.

4. 3 Years Old: At 3 years old, we, for the most part, are capable of walking, running, and talking. We are usually very happy at this age because we really understand what is happening around us. 3-year-olds complain about everything but pretty much get whatever they want because they’re so cute. Sounds like paradise to me.

3. 100 Years Old: Many centenarians say they are blessed and happy to have lived to 100. Just imagine living a full century. You’ll probably live to see the release of the iPhone 50.

2. 17 Years Old: Honestly, being a 17-year-old myself, this is one of the best years of your teenage life. You’re old enough to be trusted to go out on your own, and you’re also not 18 yet, when a lot is expected of you, so you don’t have much to be stressing over just yet. Also, rated R movies.

1. 21 Years Old: People finally start referring to you as an adult. You now crave the day you get carded just so you can show off your legal age. So go drinking and clubbing (responsibly), but be prepared to be broke the next day.