Top Ten Types of Fries


Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

The potato, the most versatile, delicious side dish to any fast food or home cooked meal. This round vegetable? No, this round starch, can be made into endless deep fried foods with all sorts of toppings and sauces to pair with it. So let’s break down the best of the fries.

10. Crinkle Cut

The classic crinkle cut fry allows the eater to nibble on the potato, one notch at a time. This corrugated fry is often used in the making of Mexican style fries. They can hold their shape when being eaten with beans, cheese, and meat. You will even hear claims from people saying the best crinkle cut fries come from The Del Taco fast food chain.

9. Truffle Fries

Truffle fries are the most unheard of and underrated style of fry out there. This is somewhat of a delicacy since it contains the rare truffle fungus. This is put on the fries in oil form along with truffle shavings. This is topped with parmesan to make the humble french fry extra fancy.

8. Chili Cheese Fries

Possibly every sports lover’s favorite game time dish is chili cheese fries. The best comes smothered in chili made in house. Some like more kick, while others don’t. The homemade chili pairs perfectly topped with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and scallions. In northern states, the fries are commonly seen being replaced with tater tots.

7. Potato Wedge

There is a bit of controversy surrounding the matter of if the potato wedge is actually a fry. It’s prepared in a similar way. The wedge is cut, deep fried, and salted. But the oddly large size of the wedge makes it nearly impossible to truly consider it a fry. Nonetheless, it is still delicious and offers a texture unlike any other fry.

6. Smiley Face

Not number six for the taste but for the pure nostalgia this fry brings. The smiley face or smiley for short was the closest thing to a fry we were served in elementary school. The creepy potato didn’t taste great but it was masked by the kid friendly smile it portrayed. The thick slice of potato has a face stamped out of it. It is lightly fried or baked into the stuff of nightmares. Oh the memories.

5. Cheese Fries

Similar to the chili cheese fries minus the kick, is cheese fries. They come with freshly melted cheddar or with processed nacho cheese. Either way, it is sure to taste cheesy and is a vegetarian alternative to chili cheese fries. In-N-Out offers cheese fries though it doesn’t seem to be on any money.

4. Garlic Fries

Similar to the truffle fry is the garlic fry. Any cut of fry topped with minced and sauteed garlic, parsley, and parmesan if you’re feeling classy. Several burger joints and hipster pubs offer garlic fries. Red Robin is a local restaurant that offers steak fries with garlic and parmesan. This is debatable at number four since it only works for people who really like the taste of garlic.

3. Animal Style Fries

Not something I would ever like but I would be an enemy of the people if I didn’t put In-N-Out Animal style fries. These fries have the signature sauce of the fast food industry and a slice of cheese. Topped with savory grilled onions, you might just be losing it if your mouth isn’t watering already.

2. Curly Fries

The curly fry is like winning the lottery. The feeling of pulling out an unbroken spring like spiced potato is oddly satisfying. Who doesn’t like to swing by Jack in the Box for some curly fries and search the bag for one fry spanning the length of an entire potato. This is something some people live for when going to fast food.

1. Potato Tornado

Now, if you have ever been to an amusement park of any kind or watched any cooking videos, surely you must know about the potato spiral, or potato tornado to some. The spiralized potato kebab can be topped with an array of spices and sauces. If you haven’t heard of this before, it might be worth your time to look it up. Though technically not a fry, it’s prepared like one and tastes way better being bitten off a stick. It goes great with cheese or barbeque sauce. It would truly be worth any person’s time to find where to buy one, or make their own.