Spartan Speak: Who do you think will win this years super bowl?


Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

As the new year arrives that means football season is coming to a close and it’s time for the next team to be crowned as NFL champions. After a very long and hard season the Chiefs and 49ers are the last teams standing but which team will win? Here’s what the Spartans are thinking.

“The 49er’s will win because they have a great offense and defense. The only thing the Chiefs have is a quarterback.” Killian King, Sophomore.

“I think the 49er’s will win since they have the stronger defense.” Braden Gray, Jun

“I want the Chiefs to win since they haven’t won in quite some time. They haven’t won a Superbowl since 1969” Eli Roth, Junior.

“The 49er’s will win. They got this far and have always been my favorite team.” James McManus, Teacher.

“The 49er’s are gonna win the Superbowl because they have an all pro D-line and Richard Sherman so their defense is going to dominate.” Khai Childers, Senior.

“I think the Chiefs will win, they have Patrick Mahomes who is just a more experienced quarterback so I think they’ll pull through.” Cayden Andreadakis, Senior.

“So I think the 49er’s are gonna win since, even in past seasons, they always do really good.” Karim Abou El Kheir, Freshman.

“I think the Chiefs will definitely win. They started off strong and they have Patrick Mahomes.” Yussif Salam, Freshman.

“Mahomes has locked up. So the Chiefs will win. The 49er’s suck, the quarterback sucks. Final score is gonna be 45-34.” Troy Fulton, Junior.

“Both teams have a lot of things going for them. I think the 9er’s will have a better defense but the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes. I wouldn’t count him out of any game. So yeah probably the Chiefs.” Addison Sage, Teacher.