Spartan Speak: How do you feel about Koalas dying in the Australia fires?

Victoria Mora and Isis Perez

It is such a tragedy what is going on in the other parts of this world to not only people but mainly the animals that are native to the place. Here are the thoughts from other students here at Orcutt Academy.

  1. Ashley Mason (Grade 11)- “It’s really sad that they’re dying, but once the fires are controlled I’m sure koala numbers will thrive.”

2. Lexie Maines (Grade 10)- “It’s so sad”

3. Lucy Genge (Grade 10)- “I think people need to start caring about animals more”

4. Mia Berrios (Grade 10)- “I think it’s so sad they’re so cute and look like loving animals.”

5. Maya Rosas (Grade 10)- “It’s unfortunate because that’s their native home it’s not like they can go somewhere else.”

6. Alex Sutton (Grade 11)- “koala are cute, I sad.”

7. Sophia Molina (Grade 10)- “It’s sad they’re such beautiful creatures.”

8. Belinda Hernandez (Grade 10)- “I feel like we should try saving them as well as all the other animals.”

9. Josh Jimenez (Grade 10)- “It’s terrible, just horrible.”

10. Isais de la Cruz (Grade 10)- “It’s really sad but it’ll get better soon hopefully.”

11. Melanie Ibarra, (Grade 10)- “it’s devastating to see the harm that the fires have done to the koalas.”

12. Sabrina Dana, (Grade 10th) – “Not good, the harm that these fires have caused is going to have serious effects around the world so I hope they stop.”

13. Samantha Kirkwood (Grade 10), “sophomore- Sad, really sad.”

14. Janelle Zubiate, (Grade 11) – “it makes me sad and I wish I could help but I’m broke.”

15. Miles Edwards, (Grade 10) – “I few more upset because the Tasmanian devils are dying and they’re already endangered much farther beyond the koalas.”

16. Ryan Lacoste, (Grade 10)- “It’s bad.”

17. Milania Espinosa, (Grade 9)- “My heart is broken and my feelings go out to all the poor animals that were killed.”

18. Echoe Barretto, (Grade 9)- “It’s very sad.”

19. Sarah Parkinson, (Grade 10)- “it’s very unfortunate and I feel like it could’ve been prevented.” 

20. Isis King, (Grade 10)- “It’s horrible, they shouldn’t die they’re so cute.”