Top Ten Water Brands

Victoria Mora, reporter

Water is essential to survive, but true water fans know not all brands taste the same. There are some that are flavorful and others that are trash. But which one is which?

  1. Kirkland- Also known as Costco water or the best water in the universe. 
  2. Dasani- The prince/princess of the water hierarchy and one of the few that have actual flavor. 
  3. Smart water- It makes you smart. Not really but it’s good. 
  4. Aquafina- The one we all forget about, but love. 
  5. Voss- Basically just regular water but it has a fancy name
  6. Fiji- People always think it’s fancy even though they sell it at the zoo. 
  7. Nestle- They should stick to making flavored milk
  8. Niagara- If you asked yourself “What’s Niagara.” Exactly, it’s irrelevant. 
  9. Crystal Geyser- It’s like drinking dirty dishwater. 
  10. Arrowhead- A great option for people who like the taste of urine.