Orcutt Academy’s athletic director and theatre enthusiast


Here at Orcutt Academy our very own Athletic Director/ health and PE teacher, Mr. McKenzie, has a large appreciation for the arts. Every year he takes a group of students to see a Broadway play in Los Angeles. 


    Mr. McKenzie started this tradition 16 years ago when he was teaching at Cabrillo and continued to do it every year since he’s been teaching at Orcutt Academy. Many people would  find it odd that an athletic director would put on this event for students but he says he wanted to connect to the students who weren’t athletes. He said “I wanted to reach out to the musical and artistic kids and create a field trip that they would love and enjoy”. 


    Since he’s been doing this for so long he must have a play that has been his favorite so far. McKenzie has a few at the top of his list like Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Wicked, and Frozen; but he doesn’t have an absolute favorite yet. He chose Frozen this year because it had great reviews and it was an appropriate play for a high school field trip. 


    His plans for next year are unclear about which play he wants to take students to, he said the schedule will come out in March or April and he’ll talk to a few other teachers and make the decision. For all students who want to attend next year make sure to check in with Mr. McKenzie in the winter of next year.