A convincing win over Righetti for girl’s soccer


Isis Perez, reporter

On December 5th, Orcutt Academy’s varsity boys and girls teams took on the warriors on the soccer field in a tough preseason game. With the girls scoring three points more than the lady warriors, and the boys tying zero to zero, both teams played intense games. 

Confidence and good sportsmanship was in the air for the lady spartans from the second they stepped on the field Thursday afternoon. The practices leading up to this game were also very important for the girls. They knew playing Righetti would be a challenge and given last year’s game against the warriors, each of the girls made sure to give it their all. 

“Before the game, we thought about last year’s game when we tied 3-3 and wanted to win so badly,” expressed sophomore team member Vanessa Lopez.

Determination was what they were feeling and the outcome of the first half definitely showed when the first three goals were made by seniors Marianna Chavez, Taylor Martinez, and Mecaela Lopez. When on offense, the lady spartans made sure to communicate when passing and connecting to get shots off on goal. Defensively, the ladies made sure to stop the defense and not let the warriors forward players through, expressed Vanessa Lopez.

The boys team also celebrated this unexpected game. 

“It was important for us to win as a team to prove to ourselves that we can stay in the game with schools more than twice our size,” says Junior Brendan Real.

The team was nervous but, ready for the challenge. Although many opportunities to score were missed, the Spartans were still very proud of each other and made sure to help each other back up when their teammates felt down shared Real.

Even with such heated games, neither the boys or girls players were injured. A lot is expected from the teams and they are determined to keep winning together. Soccer season has begun and the Spartans could not be more ready. Congratulations on the big victory to both teams, what a way to start the year!