It’s sweater weather among OA teachers


Every year the  Orcutt Academy school staff holds an  ugly sweater competition before finals week. This year’s results were shocking.  

With the cold seasonal weather here, it’s time to bring out cozy blankets, warm hot chocolate, and lots of layers. The famous ugly sweater is another homey necessity to wear as part of the holiday season. As an act of friendly rivalry, the Orcutt Academy school staff have held annual competitions to commemorate these festive traditions. 

“Every year we do it, there are always a good handful of teachers that really put some effort into making it fun… there’s good spirit behind [the competition],” says Mr. Ciervo. The tradition has been held nearly 10 years with every teacher looking forward to it.  The competition is usually held on the Friday before finals week and students are able to vote for the most festive sweater. Teachers like Mr. Carter, Mr. Shaw, and Ms. Lopez have all participated in this year’s competition. 

The results of the competition were announced the weekend after students have voted. Mr. Gelotti had taken a shocking fourth, just behind Ms. Lopez at third. It was a close competition for 1st, between Ms. Bornhoft’s complete festive outfit and Mr. Ciervo’s groovy, festive sweater. Bornhoft came out on top as 1st place, with Mr. Ciervo placing in 2nd.  “It’s fun for us teachers to show that we have school spirit…” explains Ms. Bornhoft.