Boys JV basketball “hoops” into the new season


The junior varsity boys basketball team at Orcutt Academy High School (OAHS) has been holding preseason practices since the beginning of Summer and will be holding them until their first game against Santa Maria High School on December 17th.


The team has been scrimmaging high schools around the county and holding practices 5 to 6 times per week for around two hours at Lakeview Junior High School. This year at Orcutt Academy, there is a new JV boys basketball coach, John Wells. 


Team captain and junior at OAHS, Gavin Naylor, states, “Even though he is new, he’s been a great coach so far. He listens to the new players, and keeps in mind that the old players have experience, and listens to what they have to say as well.” 


Naylor has played at OAHS for the past two years. Although he hadn’t played basketball before, he began to attend practices. Naylor states, “I started to play because it was fun and my friends played. I thought I would make good memories alongside them”.


Naylor also explained that he was excited to see fresh faces join the team and play with him his junior year.


“Being a captain, I think it’s good to pass down my knowledge and teach them stuff not just about basketball, but life as well.”


Naylor, along with the rest of the basketball team, is looking forward to winning more games this season. Their first game is against Santa Maria Tuesday December 17th at 5pm. Make sure to be there, Spartans!