Holiday gift guide, 2019 edition

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Holiday gift guide, 2019 edition

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Hot cocoa. Fluffy blankets. Roaring fireplaces. Theses are all things that come to mind when deliberating the marshmallow laden holiday season. What doesn’t come to mind, but will inevitably ruin your holiday spirits, is the stress of that time of the year. The Oracle has put together a gift giving guide to help lessen some of the stress of the season. The guide covers multiple types of people and where to find their gifts. Good luck gift givers!


  • The Traveler
    • Kindle subscription for the long plane rides.
    • Cool passport cover for all the use they get out of their passport.
    • Water purifying LifeStraw for long hikes or camping trips.
    • A national park pass, good for entry to national parks all over the country.
    • A large capacity portable changer for late nights and long days.


  • The Cold One
    • Fluffy scarf to keep cozy in the winter.
    • A Snuggie for the cold weekend mornings.
    • Thermal or fluffy socks to keep their feet warm.
    • An electric blanket for when a duvet just doesn’t cut it.
    • A bluetooth beanie to listen to music while keeping from freezing.


  • The VSCO *everything must be in pastels*
    • Polaroid camera to take pictures, print, then take another photo of.
    • HydroFlask for school or travel.
    • Foldable metal straw set to save the turtles.
    • A pack of oversized scrunchies to wear in their hair, on their wrists, and on their Hydro all at the same time.


  • The Netflix Addict
    • Homemade movie night kit to have an all out theatre experience at home.
    • Air pop popcorn maker to have the iconic cinema snack.
    • Noise cancelling headphones to block out the world and binge watch anywhere, anytime. 
    • A pair of cozy pajamas for lazy days when only The Office and flannel can cut it. 
    • An Amazon fire stick to turn any TV into any cinephile’s dream. 


  • The Techie
    • A new hyper durable phone case so when they drop their phone they don’t lose their entire life.
    • Tablet holder for when Hulu is calling their name.
    • Raspberry Pi build kit to make their own mini computer. And feel like a genius.
    • Virtual reality headset to experience gaming in an insane new way.
    • Phone sanitizing spray to to keep their best friend at least less disgusting.


  • The Chronic Napper
    • A weighted blanket to feel safe and protected.
    • Ostrich pillow to sleep anywhere and everywhere comfortably.
    • Their new favorite blanket, either fluffy or soft. Maybe both. 
    • Tempur pedic body pillow to have the best sleep ever, every single night.
    • An electric blanket, so they can be cozy throughout the year.


  • The Self Care Guru
    • A spa day gift set to feel pampered. 
    • A pedicure certificate to their favorite nail salon to get glammed up. 
    • Gift card to Ulta or Sephora to buy some of their favorites.
    • Designer hand or face creams from Lancôme or Channel to make them feel bouji. 
    • Facial certificate to a local salon for glowing skin. 


  • The Minimalist
    • A donation to a local charity or shelter in their name to avoid the clutter of gifts. 
    • A small high quality candle, to make their space feel homey.
    • Succulent or small house plant to add bohemian chill vibes.
    • Spotify premium subscription for their favorite music without advertisements. 
    • Audible or Kindle subscription for reading without real books.


  • The Grazer
    • Around the world snack subscription box to try new munchies.
    • Gift certificate for their favorite restaurant or burger joint for when they are craving their staples.
    • Basket of their favorite snacks and candies for impromptu snacking. 
    • A recipe book to teach them how to make their favorite foods.
    • Online classes to learn how to cook or bake.


  • The Gym Rat 
    • New gym bag for lugging around towels and clothes.
    • Resistance bands for whatever people who workout use them for.
    • An exercise journal to keep track of their progress.
    • A tempur pedic yoga mat for aerobic exercises.
    • Protein shake bottles to make the most of their protein powder and get swole. .