Coach stipends at OA, the facts


Salaries. The big ‘s’ that determines the lifestyle we lead, from the ramen ladden college years of our early twenties to the steak and lobster of our golden years of retirement. A salary itself is what someone makes per year at their job. This time however, the big ‘s’ is stipends.
A coaching stipend is essentially the salary that coaches make for the specific time that their sport is in season, however, some sports are in session year round. Specifically ‘salaried’ coaches however, make up to thirty times more than coaches who receive stipends. But, coaches with salaries are typically employed by large colleges or universities.

High school coaches in the US make an average of $6,000 in stipends per year across the board. But coaching stipends are dependent on a multitude of factors including team size, school budget, state funds, school type, season duration, stress, and whether the coach is a teacher.

The highest paid sports coaches for high school are football, basketball, and cheerleading coaches. The highest paid outside – not a teacher – coaches at Orcutt Academy High School (OA) are the cheer and football coaches due to the stress of season and how they practice almost year round. At OA, football and cheer coaching stipends range from $1,600 to $1,800 per season. The remaining coaches receive an average stipend of $1,200 to $1,400. Junior varsity coaches make less than varsity, and the same can be said for assistant coaches who clock in at around $500 to being unpaid.