One year later: Life after the Camp Fire


The infamous Camp Fire led to the destruction of Paradise, CA. This event was once highly publicized across the nation, but has since been forgotten as more recent California fires have consumed a large part of the news cycle.


The Camp Fire of late 2018 became a notorious event overnight. As the largest, deadliest, and most destructive fire in Californian history, the Camp Fire spread across the small northern California city, Paradise, due to a faulty powerline. It spread over 153, 336 acres (nearly 240 square miles), burned nearly 19,000 structures to the ground; 11,000 of them being family homes, and killed more than 85 civilians. Paradise’s small neighborhoods and dense forest, including the abiding wind, created the perfect environment for the fire to spread quickly and efficiently. 


As the fire spread, Paradise became famed across the nation. The event was shown frequently on almost every news broadcast network in America. As a result, citizens across America prepared to help those who were affected and help restore Paradise. Months later, the event is forgotten. Hundreds of abandoned trailers, belonging to the first responders of the fire, are set in parking lots. Volunteers are no longer sent to clean and residents have fled in fear, leaving the city nearly deserted. 


A year later, buildings are now being rebuilt and people are beginning to move back into their homes. Power lines and electrical machines are being insured to prevent any further incidents. “Stay Strong” banners and construction teams are set up on nearly every road. Now, hospitals, businesses, and restaurants are in construction to help surviving citizens, but more help is still needed. Volunteers are coming into the town more frequently, helping families who have lost homes or loved ones to the destructive Camp Fire of Paradise.