The OA Quiz Bowl comes to a close


Orcutt Academy students take on the annual quiz bowl, answer very abnormal questions.

Kris Gilbertson, reporter

As the student quiz bowl finishes up, it’s safe to say the now reigning champs are a force to be reckoned with. Last year, the winning student team, The Pongers, came close to defeating the teachers, and have every intention of winning this year.

Josiah DeBruno, a member of the runner up team, Da Boyz, gave recognition to Pongers captain Dante Surra and team member Kyle Zafiris for their vast array of knowledge on several questions that came up. “They’re both really smart people,” he says. The Pongers took a strong lead early, leaving Da Boyz with no chance of catching up. The Pongers convincingly won by more than sixty points.

Did you miss the action? No need to feel left out as the champs will be playing the teachers in front of the entire school this Friday. Last year, the Pongers, formerly known as The Kool Kidz, came closer than any other team losing by only ten points. Though no team has ever surpassed the intellect of Orcutt Academy staff in Quiz Bowl. Pongers captain, Dante Surra, is confident he can bring him and his team one final victory before he graduates.

Catch Dante, Jack Hinkle, Kyle Zafaris, and Nathan Calhoun at this Friday’s rally against the undefeated teachers, Mr. Dell’Armo, Mr. Gelotti, Mr. Culbara, Mrs. Graunke, and Ms. Yamamoto, to decide who the real champions of the school are.