Advisors needed!


Isis Perez, reporter

In recent years at Orcutt Academy, it has gotten harder to find staff on campus that can become class advisors, especially when it comes to the new freshman class. With the amount of teachers available, and the amount of clubs there are, should it really be that difficult?

Over the course of the last four months that school has been in session, class of 2023 has still had no luck finding an advisor to lead the freshman class. With the help of three ASB students Kayla Acosta, Sofia Fuson, and Kylie Gray, the freshmen was able to get through homecoming rally activities as well as decorations. 

“It’s been hard to find an advisor but so far we’ve gone through homecoming without one and actually got a lot of participation from our friend groups. On the other hand though, an advisor is needed to be found soon in order to start the club and work on what needs to be done,” expressed Sofia. 

When speaking to school counselor Ana Perez, she was able to reveal that a big reason why many teachers and staff would rather not say yes to such a big responsibility is for exactly that reason.

“Being an advisor is time consuming, which is why I was so hesitant,” said Perez. A lot of teachers are involved in many other things with their students and being an advisor is a commitment that is not so easy to get out of which is also understandable.

Good luck to the freshman class on finding an advisor!