Sonia Wasserman, a diamond in the rough


Despite Orcutt Academy not being a sport-centered school, lacking proper facilities, and having little to no funding for sports, there have been few athletes to defy the odds. This past Thanksgiving weekend, girls cross country star, Sonia Wasserman participated in the CIF State Cross Country Championships in Woodward, California.


You would think an accomplishment so huge would require years and years of preparation, but not for Wasserman as this is her FIRST year running cross country. Yeah, this girl is legit. When asked how she achieved such dominance in the sport she has little experience in she replied, “I always came to practice ready to work hard. I’m not going to practice to waste time so I work as hard as I can.” She competed in the division 4 5,000 meters and finished with a time of 19:48 which put her in 75th place out of 211 participants. The winning time was 17:33, but most participants that finished before Sonia were seniors so we can expect even bigger and better things next year. 


She joined cross country because her friend’s dad and Mr.Mckenzie both suggested the sport, so she tried it out. From the beginning, Coach Frank helped her a lot, “he supported me a lot and taught me things about the sport.”  This is an important detail because unlike many other schools that took part in State championships, Orcutt Academy’s coaches have many obstacles to overcome, so they are really doing it to give athletes the opportunity to play the sports they love.  


Sonia ended the interview by saying she’s going to take her talents to track and field  and “do as many events as possible this year.” Orcutt Academy thanks Sonia Wasserman for representing us in this year’s State Championships!