Your go-to guide for acing finals

Finals are on their way, starting  Tuesday, December 17th, and everyone should be well prepared in order to pass. With a few small steps and some studying, succeeding on this years finals will be a breeze. 


The first step to acing your finals is to have a set goal and stick to it. Everybody is different so understanding your own ability within certain subjects is important. It is very easy to feel as if you are just going through the motions, but you just need to realize what you are striving for. Within this, you should prioritise the tests which matter most. If you’re naturally better at one subject than the other, considering all your finals equal is not wise. Commiting to the subject you need  the most practice is an important part of studying to ensure positive results in as many classes as possible. 


While you’re studying, having a good environment with no distractions is imperative to retaining the most information. If you are studying at home, leave your phone in a different room or put it on silent, out of sight out of mind. When you are ready to study, it’s time to do that and only that. Doing this will help you absorb the material much better and be more time efficient.


With all that studying going on you’re going to need some rest. Taking breaks regularly is important in order to memorize or comprehend a lot of material at once. Make sure to balance your study and break time and to reward your hard work with a treat. Taking a rest can also help you fully focus on the exam itself so make sure to have a solid sleep schedule. 


Good luck on your finals Spartans, and enjoy your break afterwards!