Top ten xmas desserts


The fireplace is roaring, the presents have been opened and the feast has been eaten. Now it’s time to bring out the famed Christmas desserts- But WAIT!! Your mother has been struck by a spontaneous case of amnesia and has forgotten the family favorite. That’s ok because we at the Spartan Oracle have got you covered with the world’s most authoritative top ten Christmas Desserts.


  1. ChocoFlan- Is it flan? Is it cake? IT’S BOTH
  2. Ponche- Made from oranges, guava, cinnamon, jamaica, walnuts, peaches and a bit of unrefined brown sugar, the taste of this delicious latin drink will not disappoint you.
  3. Pumpkin pie- Don’t feel guilty eating this delicious pie. It’s made with squash so it’s technically a vegetable pie. Cover it with whipped cream until no orange is visible and dig in.
  4. Fudge- Rich, creamy, chocolatey goodness. No one dares resist the urge to indulge themselves on this amazing sugar-filled creation.
  5. Butter Cookies- American’s romance with fat filled buttery goodness has finally met their insatiable desire for sugar and flower. What more must be said. 
  6. Christmas sugar cookies- Who doesn’t like that fresh warm sugary cookies decorated with your favorite sprinkles and toppings.
  7. Gingerbread Men- Don’t let the name fool you. These cookies contain very little ginger. The brown, chewy, shapes, get their texture from a whole lot of molasses.
  8. Variety Candy cane- Hard and sweet, with many different flavors. These are a great dessert for a perfect Christmas.
  9. Eggnog- Who actually likes this? We aren’t sure but it’s supposedly a Christmas favorite so is on the list. Drink at your own risk. 
  10. Christmas Oreos- Milk’s favorite cookie but red and green.