When should you get into the Christmas spirit?

Christmas is coming! Are you ready? With the holidays approaching, it’s time to start getting into the Christmas spirit…unless you already have?


Christmas is magical, but maybe it’s taking away from other important holidays. Once Halloween is over some people go straight to Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? Christmas should not be celebrated until after Thanksgiving, or even better, until December. We should make sure we are properly celebrating Thanksgiving by giving thanks to our loved ones and spending quality time with them instead of just forgetting about this occasion. There is plenty of time in December for Christmas without taking the spotlight off of other holidays. Once Thanksgiving has past, we can then go full on Christmas mode and put up every kind of Christmas decoration. Some may say they are just trying to get as much out of Christmas as possible, but that doesn’t mean you have spoil another holiday. Also, winter doesn’t even start until well into December which is another reason we should hold off on Christmas.


Of course you can choose when to start getting ready for Christmas, but the most appropriate and logical time is after Thanksgiving. Since December has already begun, it is now appropriate to start decorating, which means go Christmas crazy and have a happy holiday!