Recap on the first annual kickball tournament



This year, ASB hosted the first annual kickball tournament alongside the students and staff of Orcutt Academy High School. The prize? A golden kickball trophy, a chance to beat the teachers, and bragging rights for the rest of the year.

ASB announced to the students a week before their event that there would be four teams: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, with sign ups run by their class officers, allowing anyone to join. Each sign up sheet held fifteen spots for fifteen students.

The ASB event took place every day during lunch from Tuesday, November 19th to Friday, November 22nd. On Tuesday November 19th, the tournament kicked off, having the freshman and sophomore teams compete during lunch time. The freshmen were defeated by the sophomores, which ultimately allowed them to advance to the finals, taking on whoever was to be the victor of the juniors vs. seniors game.

On Wednesday, November 20th, the juniors and seniors competed to see who was to play the sophomores in the final student round. With equally matched teams and a few questionable calls made by our reffs Mr. John Dell’Armo and Mr. Andrew Ciervo, the juniors came out victorious, beating the seniors, and knocking out their chance to compete against the teachers.

Orcutt Academy senior Taylor Martinez states, “The juniors had a better start in the game, taking advantage of a few technicalities, and scoring the first few points. I thought the seniors were going to win because of school spirit like we’ve had in past class competitions, although I thought we tried our hardest and did pretty well overall.”

In the final student round on Thursday, November 21st, the sophomores and juniors competed for a chance to play the teachers in the overall final round of the tournament. As Martinez stated before, the juniors scored the beginning few points, which led them to have a lead in the first few rounds. The sophomores began to catch up in the end, however, it was too late into the lunch period, leading to a junior victory.

Finally, on Friday, November 22nd, with the biggest turnout of the week, the juniors took on the teachers. The juniors were the first to get on the leaderboard, allowing the teachers to fall behind in the beginning. Towards the middle of the game the teacher team began to pick up, however, they just fell short with an ending score of 10 to 6. Martinez states, “I thought the teachers had a really good chance towards the end. Mr. Gelotti’s bunting technique really had the juniors stumped for a while.”

ASB plans on keeping this as an annual event. For now, the juniors hold onto the trophy, but who will take it next?